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Fourth Issue of “The Haiti Collector”

The fourth issue of The Haiti Collector, is now available for immediate order and shipment. Click on the To order tab in the top menu or here to obtain your copy.
thc4front thc4-Back
Volume 1, Number 4 is a full 40 page color publication.
Articles in this issue:
1906 Gold Overprint varieties
A census of the 1891 Trial Proof sheet of 10 (8 different copies illustrated)
Patriotic and advertising covers (including the earliest known advertising cover)
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QSL cards of Haiti – new book

QSL cards of Haiti: Amateur radio cards, operators, call signs and expeditions
by Abdel Nassar (2014, ISBN: 978-0-9914642-0-3)

We are pleased to announce an incredible book on the QSL cards of Haiti and the early HH operators of Haiti. This full color 380 page book has over 600 images. Over 370 QSL cards are inventoried, and there are very useful listings: by last name of operators, by call signs (more than 700 !), by dates (as early as 1926), etc. Many fabulous images from the 1930s to the 1990s of operators: at their stations, group photos – including an amazing picture of about 40 radio amateurs from the Radio Club d’Haiti from 1959, and other great documents. An absolute must for anyone collecting or interested in amateur radio, QSLs or Haiti in general. It is a monumental reference book on the subject.

Orders placed now until March 31st, will be signed copies that will ship the next business day. Last signed copy shipment is April 1st.

Orders placed during the month of April or after will ship starting May 2nd and onward.

Also, starting in May, the book will be available for order on

To order click here or click on the To order tab


QSL-001 QSL-002 QSL-003 QSL-004 QSL-005  QSL-005a QSL-006  QSL-007  QSL-008 QSL-009 QSL-011 QSL-012

United States Navy Postmarks in Haitian Waters

United States Navy Postmarks in Haitian Waters: An Illustrated Catalog, 1914-1939, by Peter C. Jeannopoulos, 2014.
This magazine size 106 page color guide documents over 430 postmarks. A special aspect of this catalog, is that actual postmark images are used to preclude various types of errors that have occurred in previous listings. Illegible and anachronistic postmarks are not included (illustrations of some of those shown in guide).
With very helpful cross referenced appendices.
Shipping will start April 30th.
The price is $29.99 including shipping for US addresses.
Foreign destinations will be an additional US$6.
For pre-ordering: please click here (or on the To order tab above)

Third Issue of “The Haiti Collector”

The third issue of The Haiti Collector, September 2013, has arrived and is available for immediate shipment. Click on the Order tab in the top menu or here to obtain your copy.
We have made yet another improvement, the journal is now perfect-bound. The Haiti Collector is probably the most handsome philatelic publication on the market presently and thus a major collectors item too. Many of you have been purchasing our issues on a regular basis and some have asked about membership or subscription. Starting in 2014, we will be considering having The Haiti Collector on a subscription base of 4 copies per year.
 122  zstack
Volume 1, Number 3 is a full 40 page color publication.
Articles in this issue:
Haiti’s Centenary Issue of 1903, Part I – the conclusion of the first segment
The 3c “réponse payée” Postal Card
Thomonde, a Tale of “Two Cities”
Additional Printings of the ABNC Issue of 1898-1899.
See our Journal section to see preview pages

Cartes Postales Haïtiennes, Volume 4 – revised 2nd edition

CPH4-front ginter kunzli STower CPH4-back

Volume 4 of Cartes Postales Haïtiennes - Winter 2010 was reprinted and revised. This issue of the journal contains articles about Allen & Ginter trade cards, Künzli postcards, the various Miesler card types, Bohl and Koch, Stöwer’s series on the German ultimatum to Haiti in 1897, Zieher’s varieties, Madsen building updates and Weibel types. This second edition is now available. See our order page to obtain a copy or copies.

For those who have inquired about purchasing copies of Cartes Postales Haïtiennes Vol. 5 – Winter 2011, they will have to wait a little longer. As soon as we have enough requests, we will proceed in making a second printing of Volume 5.

The Haiti Collector January 2013 issue, 2nd printing

THC2-front  p1 p2 p3 p6

Due to the demand for the 1st issue of our journal, a second printing has been completed in the new perfect-bound format. If you want to purchase a copy of the January 2013 issue, please go to our order page.

C190a Malaria eradication – blue color missing

Post by Stéphane Hillairet

Is someone in his or her collection, have the S/S  Scott C190a with the color blue omitted?



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